Strategies for grieving and supporting


Grieving is different for all people of all ages.  Grieving is primarily acknowledging the loss of a beloved person but grieving is also present in many other situations.

My grieving is for a special, vibrant, loving, fun member of my family, my son.  My grieving has ranged from sailing on a calm sea to being in the middle of a cyclone.  Many people have helped me on my journey of grieving, and, as a result, I have many resources that I would like to share.


This guide has been put together in two sections.
The first is for the person grieving and the second section is for people who are supporting those grieving.

I have especially added the second section for supporters because a lot of supporters may not have been in the griever’s position and how supporters act, say and do has a big impact on those grieving.  This section will  give helpful guidance to supporters.


We have created this website as another way of making this book available to those who need it.  Here you can read the book by turning it’s pages, or download copies for yourself, friends or family to read later.  We welcome your comments and invite you to contact us via the ‘Contact Us’ link above.

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