From the author

Onwards and Upwards is a phrase that our family uses frequently when times are tough.  It is about making a choice to keep going, even on the toughest of days. It seemed logical that this phrase would then become the name of my book. – Onwards and Upwards – Strategies for Grieving and Supporting.

We cannot do anything to bring back our son but in writing this book, I can share with you my experiences and observations of others and the strategies that have helped us.  Our son was a brave, bright, happy and helpful person who would have wanted us to try and help others in this way all around the world.  This book is dedicated to him and the happiness that he bought to everyone during his lifetime.

As well as the section for grievers, I have especially added a section for supporters.  As mentioned, how the supporters act and do has an impact on those grieving.

We have offered Onwards and Upwards to you in different formats for ease of use.  Please choose your best option under ‘how to read the book’.

In an effort to help people world wide, in the future, we are hoping to include translated versions of Onwards and Upwards on this site.

Thanks to our son for a lifetime of love and fun.

Thanks also to family and friends who, without knowing, have helped write this book and continue to support us on our journey.  We don’t have the answers but we have a lot of love and support.

Thank you to Lisa and Helen from Advance Press Print and Communication Specialists, who designed Onwards and Upwards, amazing work.

Thanks to Adrian and Matt for donating this website so that we can help people all around the world.

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